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Hey guys!

I hope this finds you well and  in good spirits specially since it is Monday. For some of you they can be a little dreadful. A good cup of coffee can cure the worst of Mondays, so go ahead grab one. Great news today, well great for me and hopefully encouraging for you.


As you all know these past few months God has been pretty quiet around here. We know He’s just been working things out for us in His own way. When He does speak it’s like a whisper, it’s more like an impression in our hearts confirming all the good things He has promised in the past.

Being a new mom I love being home with my baby, taking care of the house and all that other good stuff. (Except the laundry, I hate laundry.) I have also been blessed with amazing employers who have allowed me to bring the baby to work with me.  Josiah learned so many things from the children I cared for, I cannot express my gratitude for that family.

Going back to work hasn’t been the easiest thing for me especially because I really enjoyed my time at home. I prayed hard and long about it and decided to take the two jobs offered to me. A few weeks into my new schedule, I was becoming very irritable and realized my attitude was yucky. Last week, I notice my patience for Josiah was very low. That made me re-think whether two jobs were a good idea, obviously for financial reasons it was great. I prayed about the situation and felt the burden that something was wrong.

After thinking about it and seeking counsel I made the decision to leave one of my jobs but felt absolutely terrible about it. I didn’t want to leave the family I was working for without help. However, I planned on talking to them this week, but God in His ultimate wisdom knew my heart and somehow worked everything out. On Saturday morning I received a message from the family saying they would no longer need my help. I got fired!

Yes, I know this isn’t good news usually but for me it was. God was fighting a battle I didn’t know how to fight. It was His way of directing my steps. I was also given one extra day at my other job, and I can bring my babe with me whenever I want.

God told me this past summer, He would provide for my family. He is providing!  His voice is still a whisper, He is still silent, but His hand is moving.

I hope this little story encourages you to know that He is working all things for His glory. He knows what we need, He knows our hearts and He will fight our battles. Just listen to His whisper, even when He feels far, He is there. He is our Father who sees it all and has a greater plan for our lives than we do.

Be thankful for the little things He does, those little things are part of a bigger plan. Those little things are for your good and to bless others.





  1. Sabrina October 3, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    Nice !

  2. Becky October 3, 2016 / 5:23 pm

    God is so good and I am so glad that you were open to seeing His goodness, even in the midst of getting fired! I always have to remind myself of how small my view of life is and how all-knowing and vast His is. I’m so happy that the decision was made for you and you didn’t have to waste time wrestling with it!

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