Never too far from my heart

Hey guys,

Here is an honest post for you. Some of you have been asking me why I haven’t posted anything since July. Well, in all honesty I was very confused about what my next step was going to be with work and with the blog. I began to look at other bloggers and what they were doing, with that I began to compare my blog to others and everything just went down from there. My mind went absolutely blank. I had no overflow to write from, my heart wasn’t in it and I just went on with life as usual. But this little blog is never too far, it’s always in the back of my mind. Everyday I am reminded one way or another that I need to write and be committed to this little space. I had a dream just last night that I really can’t remember at all, I do remember someone asked me, “you took care of your family, what about you?”daily reminders


I talk a lot about living dreams and living life to it’s fullest potential and to be honest I believe I am living mine at possible twenty percent of it’s potential. I have learned that I have never really worked hard for anything, maybe because I never had to. Maybe because I wasn’t taught to work hard for what you want. I have seen many people in life just settle. Settle for the job that will pay the bills, settle for apartment they live in because they are comfortable with their way of living and don’t dream bigger.  But there is always that little spark in me saying “this isn’t you, this isn’t the life you were made for”. I hate seeing others living this way and I will try my hardest to encourage them to live their best life, but I don’t live mine according to what I preach. I believe it, I just don’t push myself for more than just a few months. It’s a terrible way of doing things, because nothing ever gets done.

I am reminded of the words God speaks over all of us as I write this.

“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”

I know God’s plan for my life is still there. Sometimes I am a bad steward of it, but Holy Spirit is always in my heart everyday reminding me that the plans are still there. No matter where I go, no matter how much I ignore it, no matter where I am the dreams, the visions, the goals are still the same. My heart and my mind are weak at times but the Spirit of God is not. He is there just patiently waiting for us to get, for us to take hold of the promises, to take hold of the power Jesus gives us through the Helper. He has given us everything we need to get this done, so why do we delay? The excuses are a million. As for me I don’t have a legitimate excuse, I only have thoughts that may sound good to those who don’t know me. But I know myself and there is no good excuse to let my dreams and goals die. The only thing I can think of know is I have to work harder on some aspects of my life. Like an athlete during training season.

Is there something in your life you should be working on?





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